Commit History

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  Dan Root 0ad7f2610e Set BaseLayer.Contents correctly in SIP layer. (#702) 3 months ago
  Andreas Jaggi 9c4d65e94a Extract extended DNS Rcode from OPT record (#716) 3 months ago
  Christian Mehlmauer 5d80840360 add descriptive error message on activate (#718) 3 months ago
  Andreas Jaggi 991e069c3f Add support for the URI DNS RR Type (RFC7553) (#713) 3 months ago
  John Floren af79803c5d Make layers.Dot11's DecodeFromBytes method properly reset the structure. (#694) 3 months ago
  Christian Svensson d3896096dc enums: Add FC2 link types (#712) 3 months ago
  Alexander Hartl 33810c487c Add length checks in DecodeFromBytes() (#701) 4 months ago
  Gernot Vormayr 2d7fab0d91 windows: Narrow down search paths for wpcap.dll (#691) 4 months ago
  Gernot Vormayr cb7362c028 Add go1.13 to ci test 4 months ago
  Gernot Vormayr 8c861fbb4d Fix CI-testing 4 months ago
  Graeme Connell c340012d34 Merge pull request #689 from gconnell/master 5 months ago
  Graeme Connell bb3736fa43 Update macs. 5 months ago
  Rob Kulseth 7cc6592eca Added support for writing pcaps with nanosecond timestamp (#684) 6 months ago
  Gernot Vormayr 8a7322b2fd Fix tcp option decoding to stop at end of options. 6 months ago
  Gernot Vormayr 0a27d39178 Small documentation fix. This fixes #679 6 months ago
  Takanori Hirano 4d428e306a Support RouterV2 details for ospf LSA type1 6 months ago
  Gernot Vormayr ce2e696dc0 Move pcapBpfProgram to it's own heap allocated structure. 6 months ago
  Gernot Vormayr da08d538c2 Merge branch 'rjrivero-issue-669' 6 months ago
  Gernot Vormayr a98686f7c0 Merge branch 'issue-669' of into rjrivero-issue-669 6 months ago
  Rafael Rivero 0d3e90a5c1 Fixes issue 668 - fail to read OSPFv2 LSA Type 2 (#671) 6 months ago
  Gernot Vormayr a24a85a118 Merge pull request #677 from yerden/decoding-layer-container 6 months ago
  Yerden Zhumabekov 3598407c7c add DecodingLayerContainer documentation 7 months ago
  Rafa b4ac480e4c Fix issue #669 7 months ago
  Gernot Vormayr 836b571ec9 Merge pull request #660 from yerden/decoding-layer-container 7 months ago
  Yerden Zhumabekov 6caa7d08c2 layers: add DecodingLayerContainer tests 7 months ago
  Yerden Zhumabekov 04f6565bda parser: implement DecodeLayerContainer 7 months ago
  Gernot Vormayr 25de703c49 Merge pull request #663 from gobwas/patch-1 7 months ago
  Ripx80 0f680daf16 implementing snoop file format with tests and benchmarks (#647) 7 months ago
  Sergey Kamardin ce4ade58c6 returning nil on error fix 7 months ago
  Graeme Connell 72ef6fb8cb Merge pull request #658 from jandos/fix-double-release 8 months ago